The partnership between University of Camerino, University of Rijeka, University of Ljubljana, University of Almeria and Foundation “Scuola di Alta Formazione Giuridica” is a complementary mix of experienced Universities and a Foundation on civil law operating at national and international level from different EU countries having all a strong policy commitment. Thanks to their specific skills the consortium partnership covers all the key-aspects of the issue tackled in the project. The choice of these partners is based on two symmetrical logics: on one hand there are two “new” Member States (Slovenia and Croatia) and on the other two “old” member States (Italy and Spain). All these countries are characterized by peculiar legal approaches as to the regulation of family and succession law. The project is based on the well-known European motto “united in diversity” and its purpose is to recognize common solutions on the European level, but in the respect of single national legal realities. The evident cultural diversities in these Laws is the basis to develop innovative solutions in order to regulate patrimonial relationships between the members of cross-borders families. The teams of these Institutions/partners include experts in the field of Civil L., Commercial L., Family Law, Private International Law, EU Law, Civil Procedural Law and Social Law. As to the experience in the field of project activities, all these Institutions (Camerino, Rijeka, Ljubljana and Almeria) have participated in many international, European and national projects. It denotes their perception of the significance of the participation to joined scientific activities in order to strengthen reciprocal cooperation and to stimulate a fruitful scientific dialogue with the intent to recognize and solve concrete legal issues. These Partners have already collaborated in the past and they are also singularly connected with bilateral Academic agreements and/or Erasmus+ Agreements. The leading University is proud of the presence in its structure of the only one School of Specialization in Civil law authorised to operate by the Ministry in Italy. This School has in its team also an expert specialised in Data Science, who will offer her support for the planning and the realisation of the collection and the organisation of data in the technological platform. Moreover, additional specific competences will be offered thanks to the support of the Foundation “Scuola di Alta Formazione Giuridica”, a non-profit organisation that bring together scholars (volunteers) in the field of law, whose purpose is to increase and to develop the legal culture. The Team of the Foundation have a notable international experience in the field of succession law, family law and data protection law. In this team, there is one of the most eminent Italian living scholars in the field of Civil law, who will support the project with his experience. All the partners established a local/ national partnership with their stakeholders that are fundamental for supporting the idea developed in the project and successfully implementing.

Our partners